Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the available onion addresses for SpotBit? h6zwwkcivy2hjys6xpinlnz2f74dsmvltzsd4xb42vinhlcaoe7fdeqd.onion
  • How are fiat currency values averaged? For each of the listed fiat currencies, there is a list of five exchanges that will be used to average data for the `/now/CURRENCY` endpoint. They have been selected based on volume rankings and coinmarketcap's confidence rating. In order to stick with exchanges supported by `ccxt`, some candidates were excluded (such as btse). These exchanges should all be listed in the `exchanges` field of the `spotbit.config` in order to ensure SpotBit runs as smoothly as possible. The default config will include these values for you.
  • How does the SpotBit web page work? The web page loads JSON data exposed by Spotbit every 15 seconds. It uses AJAX calls to load data and the Charts API to draw the chart.
  • Can SpotBit be used with WebSockets? The web page can be used with WebSockets when Spotbit returns data using that option.