Spotbit is a portable FastAPI for Bitcoin price data and candles. It can either be used as a repository of historical data that allows for more frequent API requests, or as a simple wrapper around exchange APIs that premits the user to collect information over Tor. It can aggregate data from over 100 exchanges and serve them from a single URL or using Tor as an onion hidden service. It's extremely flexible: the user can decide which base currencies to use (USDT, USD, EUR etc), which exchanges to keep data for, and how much data to keep
Learn more on how you can setup your own Spotbit on github.

Spotbit can be used by anyone who wants to take advantage of its privacy, speed, reliability, and self-sovereignty advantages. It works particularly well with the Gordian system, which supports Tor connections between a Gordian Wallet and a Gordian Server or other server installed by Bitcoin Standup scripts. Spotbit is an example of a microservices meant to display how the Gordian Principles, which are philosophical and technical underpinnings to Blockchain Commons' Gordian technology, are supported by the Gordian Architecture.
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